Judging will take place in 5-minute intervals: you have 4 minutes to present, and 1 minute for judges to ask a question or two.

To keep things on schedule, we will stop you immediately when you go over time.

If you miss your time slot, we cannot guarantee you another.

If you sign up for two categories, space out your judging sign-up time for each!

Beginner Hack


CS Educational Tech Hack

Gore 222

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Hack

Gore 306: https://henhacks-ai-ml-judging-1.youcanbook.me/

Accessibility Hack

Gore 316: https://henhacks-accessibility-judging-1.youcanbook.me/

LabWare Connections Hack

Gore 208: https://henhacks-connections-judging-1.youcanbook.me/

Bank of America Financial Hack

Gore 204: https://henhacks-bofa-financial-judging-1.youcanbook.me/

MLH Categories

**For the MLH Categories, judging will take place in 3-minute intervals: you have 3 minutes total for both presenting and questions

Gore 304: https://henhacks-mlh-categories.youcanbook.me/ 

 In your submission, you are required to...