What is a Hackathon?

A hackathon is an engaging event where individuals come together to collaboratively work on projects for a specified period of time, typically focusing on creating technical solutions based on a given prompt. HenHacks is a 24-hour hackathon! 

What is the schedule for HenHacks?

The full schedule will be released mid-to-late February 2024. If you are planning for travel: Registration/Check-In opens at 9:30am on Saturday, March 2nd and our closing ceremony will conclude the hackathon at 5:00pm on Sunday, March 3rd.

Where is the Hackathon?

HenHacks will take place in Smith (Smith Hall, 18 Amstel Ave, Newark, DE 19716) and Gore Hall (Gore Hall, 114 The Green, Newark, DE 19716), which are connected by a sky bridge, on the University of Delaware's Campus. To register and attend the opening ceremony please come to Smith Hall first.

How do I interact with companies at a Hackathon?

During the event, take the opportunity to visit the career expo and company-sponsored rooms that will be available! Remember to prepare your elevator pitch - introduce yourself, highlight your skills and interests, and express enthusiasm for the company. Don’t be afraid to share your hackathon project during any networking opportunities - it’s a great conversation starter and showcases your problem-solving abilities. 

If I have a question or concern, what should I do?

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to the team at henhacksud@gmail.com prior to the event. During the hackathon, locate any volunteer or staff member identified by their distinctively colored T-shirts - they’ll all be happy to help! 

Do I need to register with my team?

No, you don’t! Register individually, and you’ll have the freedom to create your own team before submissions are due. 

What if I don't know how to code?

Don’t worry! We provide abundant resources and welcome the use of no-code tools and solutions. Your creativity is the key! 

Why should I participate in HenHacks?

HenHacks offers a stimulating environment to tackle cutting-edge problems, collaborate with peers, and acquire new skills. It’s an excellent opportunity to enhance your resume, attend informative workshops, and network with industry-leading companies! 

Do I need a team?

Not at all! While you can submit a hack in groups of 4, teams can be any size from 1 to 4 people. 

How do I form a team?

You can join our discord or meet and network with participants during the event! 

Who can attend HenHacks?

Everyone is welcome! We encourage participants of all backgrounds and skill levels to join - hackers, coders, creators, innovators, engineers, creative minds, and designers alike. 

What if I don't know anyone attending?

No worries! Meet people at the event or join our discord to connect with participants beforehand. Many attendees come without teams, so it’s normal to form connections on the spot. 

What if I don't have a project idea?

That’s completely normal! Ideas often emerge during discussion with others. Brainstorming will surely spark creativity. 

What resources and support will be available during the event?

HenHacks is designed for a positive and enjoyable experience. Volunteers and staff members, identifiable by different colored shirts, will be present to provide support ranging from event assistance to team mentorship. 

What if I have dietary restrictions?

We’ve got you covered! Make sure to indicate your dietary accommodations on the registration form before January 31st to ensure we can meet your needs. 

Is there a minimum skill level required to participate?

No experience is necessary! We offer ample support and resources for all participants, regardless of their hackathon or Computer Science background. 

What if I encounter technical difficulties during the hackathon?

Help desks will be stationed around the hacking area for both technical and non-technical support!

Can I work on my project before the official start time?

Unfortunately, projects can’t be initiated before the official start time to ensure a level playing field for all participants. 

Do I have to stay at Smith and Gore Halls the whole time?

No, you are free to come and go from the event as you please. Each team member needs to check in (in-person) at some point during the event for your submission to qualify, and your team will need to present your project during judging. All of your team members do not need to be present during judging so long as they have checked in for the event.

What if I don't want to spend the whole 24 hours creating a project?

There are various opportunities aside from hacking to enjoy HenHacks, from networking with companies to attending informational workshops. 

Where can I sleep?

For non-UD students, we will have rooming accommodations in Gore Hall. A mattress and blanket will be provided (don't forget to bring a pillow!). Of course, you may bring any of your own personal belongings that provide you comfort.

Does MLH share my personal data with its partner companies?

MLH does not share any personal data with any other third party unless explicitly authorized to do so. For our partner companies, we share anonymized aggregate data which does not contain any of the personal data we might have collected during the hackathon. Your data will never be shared with any company or recruiter that you have not explicitly opted in to communications for.

Is my data secure?

All the data collected is directly uploaded to services controlled by MLH . While the data may be processed by third parties on behalf of Major League Hacking, your data is never shared with any external person or organization (controller) unless you explicitly authorize it. 

Will I be contacted by MLH?

By participating in an MLH Member Event you will receive a few limited communications from MLH:

Attendees may unsubscribe separately from pre and post event emails, our hacker newsletter, and survey requests separately.

How is my data being used by MLH?

We collect Names, Emails, Country, and Level of study for sending out emails to the participants containing relevant information related to the hackathon. Currently, each hackathon registrant receives two pre-event emails detailing MLH’s offerings for hackers at the event they have registered for. Phone numbers are collected for emergency or incident response purposes during the hackathon. School information is needed for the season scoring, our initiative where every school gets points for every hacker that participates in or wins prizes at MLH Member Events. 

What data am I sharing with MLH?

For every MLH Member Event, we ask the organizers to send us the following registration and check in information for each attendee who has opted in to the MLH data sharing checkbox: Email, Phone Number, Full Name, School, Level of Study, and Country. In addition to that we might separately contact attendees to request additional information for other processes (like Shipments, Custom clearances, etc.) which may include Shipping addresses, Date of Birth and any other relevant data.