Why Sponsor HenHacks?

HenHacks is a student-led hackathon open to all Delaware colleges, reaching diverse demographics from Delaware Technical Community college, Delaware State University, and the University of Delaware. Through our outreach to these three institutions and maintaining a group of students devoted to event planning, we aspire to be the largest, most active and recognizable hackathon in the state. With the help of your company and others, we will be able to fully realize our visions for this enriching experience for all programmers. 

Students, whether coming from computer science backgrounds or not, will be attending this event able to envision all the possibilities for their careers with the applications of programming. The demand for computer skills in almost all fields, especially those of engineering, business, and healthcare, is continually growing. By sponsoring this event, your company is directly investing in the success of future interns and employees, and subsequently, your own company. This annual event will serve as a unique opportunity to prepare Delaware students in particular for the workforce in a more real-world way than coursework alone. The fast-paced, pressurized environment to build a working product in 24 hours with a team develops a wide array of skillsets such as planning, efficiency, communication skills, and confidence. The opportunity for your company to have a bigger presence at our event than a career fair is special and unprecedented. 

We hope that if you share the same aspirations as us in building the confidence and success of Delaware students, that you will consider sponsoring our hackathon. This is an amazing opportunity to give back to Delaware students, who will be building products in the 24 hour timeframe to give back to Delaware as a whole.

If you're interested in sponsoring us, email us at henhacksud@gmail.com!

2024 HenHacks Sponsor Packet.pdf