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Main Categories

Teams may ONLY enter two main categories

Best Beginner Hack - Social Good

Identify a need in your local community. How can we use technology to address this issue or inspire the community to get involved in a way that is accessible to all members of the community? 

1st Place: Nintendo Switch (1 per member)

2nd Place: Amazon Fire Stick, Amazon Echo, Amazon Fire Tabler (1 each per member)

Best CS Educational Technology Hack

What is a way we can incorporate computer science into a common curriculum subject, such as math, English, or science to engage students? 

1st Place: iPad Airs (1 per member)

2nd Place: Air Pod Pros (2nd gen) (1 per member)

Best Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Hack

How can we use generative artificial intelligence and machine learning to address an issue with the local, national, or international community?

1st Place: Apple Watch Series 9 (1 per member)

2nd Place: Projector (1 per member)

Best Accessibility Hack

How can we leverage technology to create an inclusive solution that enhances accessibility for individuals?

1st Place: Sony Headphones (1 per member)

2nd Place: Keyboard, Mouse, Mousepad (1 each per member)

LabWare - Connections

How can we create a technological solution that fosters meaningful connections within the community, bringing together individuals and communities from diverse backgrounds, experiences, ages, interests, and needs? 

1st Place: Meta Quest 2s (1 per member)

2nd Place: JBL Speaker, Stanley Cup, North Face Backpack (1 each per member) 

Bank of America - Financial Hack

In a world where the risk and security landscape is constantly changing, we need software to be written securely.   To help save the world from exploits and vulnerabilities, please create Continuous Integration (CI) tool to check code for thread-safe interactions, eliminate memory/buffer overflow exploitations, and identify known vulnerabilities (CVE)’s in libraries and other embedded products

1st place: Xbox Series X (1 per member)

2nd place : Monitors (1 per member)

Mini Categories

May enter unlimited mini categories

Labware - Use SmallTalk

Utilize SmallTalk while programming your hack. Submissions will be reviewed remotely (no in-person judging).

1st place: $1,000 USD

MLH Categories

Best DEI Hack

1st place: Fidelity Charger

Best Use of MongoDB Atlas

1st place: M5GO starter kit

Best Domain Name from GoDaddy Registry

1st place: Hack from Home kit

Best Use of AI in Education

1st place: TickTime Pomodoro Timer

Most Creative Adobe Express Add-on

1st place: Drawing Tablet and Mini Speaker