Day 1 - March 2nd

9:30 AM - Doors Open

Registration and hacker check-in will be in Smith Hall. When you arrive, please check into the event!

11:00 AM - Opening Remarks

Smith Hall Room 120: Introduction to HenHacks, with details for the upcoming 30 hours and guest speakers from LabWare and Bank of America!

11:45 AM - Find a Team Event

Smith Hall Room 120: Want more team members? Want to find a team? Join this event to meet new hackers with similar interests and goals to team up with for the weekend!

11:45 AM - Brainstorm Event

Smith Hall Room 120: Want to brainstorm ideas? Bring your team to start brainstorming details and have the opportunity to speak to mentors before you begin your projects!

12:00 PM - Hacking Begins

The 24-hour hacking window officially opens. Have fun, and good luck!

12:30 PM - Lunch Starts

Smith Hall, 2nd Floor: Please follow guidance from staff members to get your meal.

1:30 PM - Bingo

Sponsored by LabWare

Gore Hall Room 103: Join us at bingo for a chance to win prizes!

2:00 PM - Bank of America Workshop

Gore Hall Room 104: Come meet Bank of America, learn about the company, and network with representatives and recruiters.

3:00 PM - Meet the Companies

Gore Hall, 1st floor lobby: Meet our sponsors at the career expo to learn about future opportunities! We will be hosting Bank of America, LabWare, W.L. Gore, Teach for America, and Major League Hacking.

4:00 PM - Bank of America Snack Break

Smith Hall, 2nd floor

4:30 PM - LabWare Workshop

Gore Hall room 103: Meet representatives from LabWare and learn about SmallTalk (one of our $1k mini-categories!) along with LabWare analytics.

5:00 PM - Life at Google & Google AI (Virtual)

Gore Hall Room 104 or Join Here: Meet UD alumni Zachary Senzer and Andrew Lipman who work at Google! Hear about their experiences at Google and the work Google is doing with AI.

You can join the online workshop in person or on your personal device.

6:00 PM - UI/UX Workshop (Virtual)

Gore Hall Room 103 or Join Here: Learn about design for your hack with Julia Cheng, a UI/UX designer from MasterCard!

6:30 PM - Dinner

Smith Hall, 2nd Floor

8:00 PM - Autonomous Driving Workshop

Gore Hall Room 104: Learn about the research taking place in UD's CAR Lab, hosted by William He.

8:30 PM - Making Better Hacks, Faster with GitHub Copilot

Gore Hall Room 103: Learn how to use GitHub Copilot to improve your hacking skills, hosted by Kari Groszewska from Major League Hacking.

9:00 PM - Energy Break

Smith Hall, 2nd Floor: Grab an energy drink or a cup off coffee for an evening pick-me-up.

9:30 PM - Typing Competition

Sponsored by Bank of America

Gore Hall Room 104: What's your WPM? See if you've got what it takes to win a prize!

10:00 PM - Just Dance

Gore Hall Room 103: Back by popular demand, take a break to have fun and show off your moves.

11:30 PM - Team Building Game

Sponsored by JP Morgan Chase

Gore Hall Room 104: De-stress with your team and compete with other teams in a fun game to win a prize!

12:00 AM - Midnight Snack Break

Smith Hall, 2nd Floor

Day 2 - March 3rd

5:30 AM - Overnight Check-In

We will be serving a light snack and coffee for hackers still hard at work!

8:30 AM - Breakfast

Smith Hall, 2nd Floor

10:30 AM - How to Submit on DevPost

Gore Hall Room 104: To qualify for judging, your hack must be submitted properly before the end of the hacking period. Take advantage of this workshop to ensure you submit everything you need and to learn how!

12:00 PM - Hacking Ends

Submissions close at 12:00 PM

12:30 PM - Lunch

Smith Hall, 2nd Floor

12:30 PM - Judging Starts

Gore Hall Judging Rooms: Based on your judging sign-up, each category will have 1-2 rooms that teams will present their 5-minute project pitch in.

2:00 PM - Imposter Syndrome Workshop

Gore Hall Room 104: Hosted by the UD CPUs

2:30 PM - Lego Competition

Sponsored by Capital One

Gore Hall Room 103: Put your lego artistry to the test, and compete for prizes!

3:00 PM - Snack Break

Smith Hall, 2nd Floor

3:30 PM - DEI Activity

Gore Hall Room 103: Color and have meaningful discussions with your fellow hackers! 

4:00 PM - Closing Ceremony

Smith Hall Room 120: Closing remarks by Dr. Weisong Shi, Chair of the UD CIS Department, and announcing our category winners!